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187 - Clark Goolsby CCO of Chase Design Group talks branding and packaging

187 - Clark Goolsby CCO of Chase Design Group talks branding and packaging

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Yeah, no, I think it's interesting. Obviously, Nike has and it's fashion, so fashion is always kind of on the cutting edge of things. But, like, I've always thought of Nike, and I think most people do, as, like, a serious performance brand. And to see what they're doing with color, especially in the masculine space in the men's shoes, for example, to your point, they're using a lot of colors that I think people would associate traditionally associate with feminism.

Yeah, it's huge. And we were chatting a little bit before, but we were talking about brands and kind of the roles of color and gender and how that kind of plays out across these brands. And it's really fascinating. And I certainly don't have the answers. I'm more just kind of seeing these things and interested in it. But a lot of the brands that have kind of come out as gender neutral really play in these kind of color spaces that are devoid of color.

No, I think it's one of the things we struggle with, because as a packaging designer, I think you're always trying to balance being on trend and being relevant and kind of looking like you belong in a certain or. Even within a category, making sure that you're acknowledging the codes of that category so that you seem like a credible product within that category, but at the same time trying to figure out how to make something that is unique and ownable within that space. And I think we're always balancing those two things.

So it's an awesome sort of backstory, and I'm sure there's a whole lot of other things, but it sort of helps set the table for this question that I've been kind of going through, which is we see a lot of different trends, and we can sort of take this any way we want to go. But you're at the forefront of branding and packaging. One of them has been the transformation, like we talked about, from physical to digital.

Today? I would say in large part, we do two things, which is branding and packaging, and those are kind of our two main areas of focus. Historically, Chase has done a lot of different things. Margot started the company in entertainment, so it was film posters, record sleeves, things like that. We've done interior. We've done licensed product style guide. We've done a lot of different things and kind of bounced around. But over the last, I would say decade, we've gotten more focused in packaging and branding.

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