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188 - Landa Printing is here to stay! Interview with Amir Shalev

188 - Landa Printing is here to stay! Interview with Amir Shalev

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Interview with Amir Shalev, Director of Market Development at Landa


Heading: Human Factors Engineering and Market Development


Heading: Exploring the Human Factor in Market Development and System Design at Landa


"The Benefits of Ramping Up an Operator for Landa Printing"


"Exploring the Benefits of Landa's S Ten and S Ten P Printing Presses"


Heading: Interview with Amir Shalev, VP of Business Development at Landa Digital Printing


Okay, got it. Well, that'll be exciting, too. I mean, digital folding cartons, digital flexible packaging, digital flexible packaging has obviously been around for a little bit. I think digital folding cartons are emerging similar to what happened with digital labels. And then we're seeing digital corrugate and digital flex. There's a future in which I could envision a vast majority of printing is done digitally. I don't know when that would happen.. I'm not nostradamus here. I'm not making a prediction. It just seems like the advancements in technology all seem to be going towards digital, including when I went to label Expo in Chicago and there was not a single flexo press being displayed. Everybody was displaying their digital presses that they had made. So I think that's just a testament to where it is that Land is sitting and where it is that Land is going is on the right trajectory. Of course you believe that, or else you wouldn't have left your previous job and went over there to Land.

Right. So the two systems that we have right now in the market, the S Ten and the S Ten P are focused. The SNP is for commercial printing, for marketing service providers, direct mail and these sort of applications. And the S Ten is for folding carton. It can do some corrugated, it can do some microflutes, but it's mainly used in folding carton production. We also have press under development, which is called the W, and it's intended for flexible packaging, but it's still not out in the market.

So that's on that side and on the other side, it's a magnet for the end buyers. So our customers try to place the press in a place where it's visible to visitors because it's a statement. When you put a press like this in your facility, you're stating that you're in the leading edge of technology, that you're prepared for whatever the future may bring. And it's also something that's amazing for the customers, of our customers to see totally.

Yes. So I wasn't there when the initial stages of press design, but knowing as I do, and when I see the way he thinks, I'm 100% sure that these sort of elements were taken into consideration. And any decision that's taken in Lambda is never purely on financial metric or things like that. It's always about the bigger picture and our brand and what we stand for. It's a little bit of responsibility working for a company like Land in that respect, because there's a tradition and there's a brand that I need to live up to in terms of the system design, the industrial design is amazing.

And you nailed it right, that having that background in psychology. There's a trainer named David Sandler who has this whole Sandler Sales training that he developed in the 1970s, and he said something to the effect of, like, sales is a Broadway show being conducted by a psychologist. And I was like, oh, that's quite fascinating. So I was not prepared for this part of the conversation, but I'm really happy that it went there.. So you can comment on that. But I do want to pivot into this human factor when it comes to what people call, like, working on the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, when they see the land of press and what that had to go into or how that helps you, doing market development and understanding what people want to work on and how they want to work. So was that also part of the Landa experience when Benny was building out the press, was to have this wonderful human interaction with the press?

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