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204 - How Sticky's relies on SupplyCaddy to deliver amazing chicken fingers!

Bradley Saveth and Jon Sherman join the show!

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Adam Peek
This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry and proudly sponsored by Specright.com Hosted by the Packaging Pastor, Adam Peek
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About The Guest(s):

  • Bradley Saveth: Co-founder, President, and COO of Supply Caddy, a global manufacturer of packaging and disposables for the fast casual, QSR, travel, and retail industries.

  • Jon Sherman: Founder and CEO of Sticky’s, a restaurant chain specializing in gourmet chicken fingers and globally inspired dipping sauces.


Bradley Saveth, President and COO of Supply Caddy, and John Sherman, Founder and CEO of Sticky’s, join the podcast to discuss their collaboration in the packaging industry. Stickies, a restaurant chain known for its gourmet chicken fingers and unique dipping sauces, faced supply chain challenges during the pandemic. Supply Caddy, a global manufacturer of packaging and disposables, provided innovative solutions to meet Stickies' packaging needs. The conversation highlights the importance of packaging in the food service industry, especially in the context of off-premise consumption and delivery. The guests also share their passion for creating exceptional customer experiences through high-quality products and branding.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Supply Caddy specializes in manufacturing packaging and disposables for the fast casual, QSR, travel, and retail industries.

  2. Stickies is a restaurant chain known for its gourmet chicken fingers and globally inspired dipping sauces.

  3. Packaging plays a crucial role in off-premise consumption and delivery, especially during the pandemic.

  4. Supply Caddy and Stickies collaborated to develop a portion cup that accommodates Stickies' large and juicy chicken tenders.

  5. Stickies' brand experience extends to its packaging, which reflects the vibrant and playful nature of the restaurant.


  • "The most sustainable thing that you can do is get to know your product specifications, your packaging specs." - Adam Peek

  • "We believe we can really take Supply Caddy to all ends of the packaging world." - Bradley Saveth

  • "Chicken fingers are this beloved item… everyone eats chicken fingers." - John Sherman

  • "We really wanted to take that nostalgic childhood product and bring a culinary twist to it." - John Sherman

  • "We put all this effort into designing these really cool, funky-looking restaurants. But if you're ordering delivery, then you don't get that experience." - John Sherman

  • "We had already really designed our offering and our packaging to be optimized for off-premise consumption." - John Sherman

  • "We have a business that's built on dipping." - John Sherman

  • "We try to innovate product as much as possible… we created a portion cup that had an extra wide diameter to enable you to fit that whole tender in there." - Bradley Saveth

  • "Stickies is an institutional name that every New Yorker knows… if they've had it, they love Stickies." - Bradley Saveth