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210 - Oliver Campbell, Dell Computer's Packaging Guy!

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About The Guest(s):

Oliver Campbell is a director and distinguished engineer at Dell Computers. With over 25 years of experience at Dell, Oliver has played a key role in driving sustainability and innovation in packaging. He is a member of the technical leadership committee at Dell and has been instrumental in the company's goal of making 100% of its packaging renewable or recyclable by 2030.


Oliver Campbell, director and distinguished engineer at Dell Computers, joins Adam Peek on the People of Packaging podcast to discuss his journey in the packaging industry and Dell's commitment to sustainability. Oliver shares how he transitioned from a career in engineering to becoming the packaging guy at Dell, and how his background in automotive and semiconductor industries has influenced his approach to packaging. He highlights Dell's goal of making 100% of its packaging renewable or recyclable by 2030 and discusses the innovative materials and technologies being used to achieve this goal. Oliver also emphasizes the importance of data and information in packaging, as well as the role of packaging in addressing environmental challenges such as ocean plastic pollution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dell is committed to making 100% of its packaging renewable or recyclable by 2030.

  • The company has already achieved 94.5% of this goal, with a focus on using recycled and sustainable materials.

  • Dell has been a leader in using bamboo and molded paper pulp for packaging, reducing the size and weight of boxes while maintaining product protection.

  • The future of packaging lies in new materials, such as blends of bamboo and other fibers, as well as innovative technologies like box-on-demand and 3D printing.

  • Information and data about packaging are becoming increasingly important, as companies face regulatory requirements and the need to optimize their supply chains.


  • "If we could manipulate the size of the box, we could actually manipulate the supply chain." - Oliver Campbell

  • "Packaging is our number one regulatory issue by volume." - Oliver Campbell

  • "Packaging is getting taxed, and I think it's just going to end up being more taxed…that regulatory environment is driving innovation." - Oliver Campbell