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211 - The Power of Packaging: Creating Emotional Connections for Brands -BrandThropologist Dr. Chelsea Shields

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About The Guest(s): Dr. Chelsea Shields is the founder of the Branthropologie Agency and has a background in anthropology, with dual PhDs in cultural anthropology and biological anthropology. She specializes in the field of symbolic anthropology and placebo studies, using her expertise to help brands understand the emotional and psychological impact of their branding and packaging.

Summary: Dr. Chelsea Shields discusses the importance of understanding the emotional and psychological impact of branding and packaging. She explains how symbolic anthropology and placebo studies can be applied to marketing and advertising, and emphasizes the need for companies to focus on how their customers feel. By creating an emotional connection with customers, brands can build loyalty and increase sales. Dr. Shields also highlights the role of research and testing in developing effective branding strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Packaging and branding can have a significant emotional and psychological impact on customers.

  • Humans are only consciously able to process about 40 pieces of information out of the 40 billion they receive every second.

  • Luxury brands invest heavily in creating a positive customer experience because their customers value how they feel.

  • The placebo effect is not just in the mind; it has a real impact on the body's chemistry and can influence healing and well-being.

  • Testing and research are essential in developing effective branding strategies and ensuring that customers' needs and preferences are met.


  • "Humans have evolved to react and respond neurobiologically and chemically to how they perceive their environments." - Dr. Chelsea Shields

  • "If you're not creating an emotional environment that elicits positive chemicals for healing, then you are harming your patient." - Dr. Chelsea Shields

  • "Humans are only consciously able to process about 40 out of the 40 billion pieces of information every second they're getting." - Dr. Chelsea Shields

  • "If you're not doing your duty on that second end, you're only halfway done." - Dr. Chelsea Shields

  • "If you're not investing in the emotional impact of your branding and packaging, you're doing a disservice to your customers." - Dr. Chelsea Shields