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213 - Packaging Podcast EXTRAVAGANZA! Cory Connors, Evelio Mattos, Laura Foti at Specright booth

213 - Packaging Podcast EXTRAVAGANZA! Cory Connors, Evelio Mattos, Laura Foti at Specright booth

This was such a fun conversation about what is going down at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

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About The Guest(s):

  • Laura Fody: Chief Marketing Officer at SpecRight.


Laura Foti, the Chief Marketing Officer at SpecRight, joins the Packaging Podcast Extravaganza Show to discuss the importance of data and specification management in the packaging industry. The conversation highlights the need for transparency and collaboration in sharing packaging data, especially in the context of sustainability regulations. The SpecRight network is introduced as a solution that allows suppliers to digitize and share data with their customers, creating a single source of truth for accurate and traceable information. The discussion also touches on the challenges of talent shortage and the role of technology in bridging the gap. The episode concludes with a mention of the newly launched SpecRight versus SpecWrong video, which illustrates the benefits of specification management.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The SpecRight network enables suppliers to share data with customers digitally, providing a competitive advantage in compliance with sustainability regulations.

  2. Transparency in sharing packaging data can lead to trust-building and stronger customer relationships.

  3. The SpecRight network allows customers to search for specifications across different suppliers, expanding their catalog of options.

  4. The importance of data and specification management is driven by sustainability regulations and the need for compliance.

  5. The SpecRight network accelerates innovation and collaboration across the packaging value chain.


  • "Sustainable packaging can be as strong and as good or even sometimes better than the old versions." - Evelio Matos

  • "The awareness of the problem [of scattered spec data] is elevating the role of organizations." - Cory Connors

  • "The more transparent you are as a supplier, the more profit you can make." - Adam Peek

  • "The regulations are driving the need for sharing packaging data efficiently." - Laura Foti

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