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222 - Alison Cayne, CEO of Havens Kitchen, from the classroom to the kitchen

222 - Alison Cayne, CEO of Havens Kitchen, from the classroom to the kitchen

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About The Guest(s): Alison Cayne is the founder of Haven's Kitchen, a cooking school turned CPG company that specializes in creating delicious sauces and condiments. With a background in urban planning and a passion for cooking, Alison started Haven's Kitchen to teach people how to cook and enjoy meals at home. She is also the author of a critically acclaimed cookbook.

Summary: Alison Cayne, founder of Haven's Kitchen, joins Adam Peek on the podcast to discuss the origin story of her company and the power of their packaging. Alison shares how her passion for cooking and interest in food systems led her to start a cooking school, which eventually evolved into a CPG company. She explains that sauces are the key to making meals more exciting and enjoyable, and that Haven's Kitchen's sauces are designed to save time and energy for home cooks. Alison also discusses the decision to use pouches for packaging, highlighting the sustainability benefits and the aesthetic appeal of the pouches. She emphasizes the importance of creating a beautiful and fulfilling cooking experience for customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Haven's Kitchen sauces are designed to make cooking more enjoyable and creative for home cooks.

  • Pouches are a sustainable and visually appealing packaging option for Haven's Kitchen sauces.

  • The sauces are a key differentiator for Haven's Kitchen and have helped build brand recognition.

  • The company is focused on providing high-quality ingredients and a positive cooking experience for customers.


  • "Sauce makes the meal… It brings you flavor, it gives you something new and different." - Alison Cayne

  • "Cooking can be beautiful… It is safe haven, it is romantic, it's a sanctuary." - Alison Cayne

  • "The more people that cook at home, the better… It's good for you, it's good for your community, it's good for the environment." - Alison Cayne

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