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234 - Rich Peete and Wyatt Russell discuss Lake Hour and hollywood friendships with Adam and Kirk

234 - Rich Peete and Wyatt Russell discuss Lake Hour and hollywood friendships with Adam and Kirk


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I gotta say, never has the phrase “Can we record this on Wednesday? I have Jimmy Kimmel the night before” set up an interview!

What a joy to have Wyatt Russell and Rich Peete from Lake Hour on the podcast.

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About The Guest(s):

  • Wyatt Russell is an actor and co-founder of Lake Hour.

  • Rich Peete is a producer and co-founder of Lake Hour.

Summary: Wyatt Russell and Rich Peete, co-founders of Lake Hour, discuss their journey in creating their brand of canned cocktails. They talk about the inspiration behind Lake Hour, the importance of both the packaging design and the taste of the product, and the challenges they faced in bringing their vision to life. They also touch on the nostalgic and authentic feel of their brand and the personal connection they have to the product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lake Hour was inspired by the founders' love for lake culture and their desire to create a canned cocktail that tasted good and looked great.

  • The packaging design of Lake Hour is nostalgic and authentic, evoking a sense of Americana and connecting with consumers on an emotional level.

  • Lake Hour's focus on both the taste and the design of their product sets them apart from other canned cocktails on the market.

  • The founders took a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business, from the design to the production, to ensure that their vision was realized.


  • "We wanted to make a drink that tasted pretty good but looked incredible." - Wyatt Russell

  • "Lake Hour is about pushing the idea of doing things together in real life." - Wyatt Russell

  • "The packaging has to reflect the taste in a way. It's like the story has to all work and fit together." - Wyatt Russell