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235 - Adam and Vicki Strull get Sappi about branding

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About The Guest(s): Vicki Strull is a packaging designer, brand strategist, and the Chief Creative at Vicki Strull Creative Collective. With a background in graphic design, Vicki specializes in packaging design and works with brands to create memorable and impactful packaging experiences. She is known for her creativity and ability to connect with audiences through her designs.

Summary: Vicki Strull, a packaging designer and brand strategist, joins Adam Peek on the People of Packaging podcast. Vicki discusses the importance of creativity in packaging design and how it can create moments of delight for consumers. She emphasizes that packaging is an essential touchpoint for brands and can significantly impact customer loyalty and repeat sales. Vicki also highlights the power of packaging in creating memorable unboxing experiences and shares examples of brands that have successfully incorporated surprise and delight elements into their packaging. She also introduces the Sappi Standard 7 book, a resource that showcases various packaging techniques and inspires creativity in packaging design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Packaging is a fundamental touchpoint for brands and can significantly impact customer loyalty and repeat sales.

  • Moments of surprise and delight in packaging can create emotional connections with consumers and lead to brand loyalty.

  • Packaging design should be authentic and purposeful, rather than arbitrary embellishments.

  • The unboxing experience is a crucial moment of truth for brands and can be enhanced through thoughtful packaging design.

  • The Sappi Standard 7 book is a valuable resource for packaging designers, providing inspiration and showcasing various packaging techniques.


  • "Packaging is fundamentally human. There is something really satisfying and enriching about being able to create." - Vicki Strull

  • "Creative ideas can come from anywhere, not just creative professionals. Creative ideas can come from finance guys, from people in different positions in a company." - Vicki Strull

  • "Moments of delight in packaging can impact repeat sales and customer lifetime value." - Vicki Strull

  • "Packaging is your most important touchpoint. It is the first impression that consumers have of your brand." - Vicki Strull

  • "The unboxing experience is its own moment of truth. It can impact customer loyalty and brand perception." - Vicki Strull

| **Timestamp** | **Summary** |
| ------------- | ----------- |
| 0:00:01 | Introduction to Specrite, a cloud-based platform for specification data management |
| 0:00:28 | Sponsorship message for Meyers Printing, a sustainable printing company |
| 0:01:33 | Introduction of guest Vicki Strull and their background in packaging design |
| 0:02:47 | Vicki's role as a graphic designer, brand strategist, and chief creative |
| 0:03:49 | The importance of creativity and its connection to being human |
| 0:06:11 | The joy of creating and the uniqueness of human creativity |
| 0:07:46 | The belief that everyone is creative and can contribute creative ideas |
| 0:09:36 | The role of packaging in creating moments of delight for brands |
| 0:10:38 | How Vicki helps brands incorporate moments of delight into their packaging |
| 0:11:31 | The economic impact of creating emotional connections with customers |
| 0:13:21 | Introduction to the benefits of packaging with Labl |
| 0:14:16 | Discussing the impact of small moments of delight in packaging |
| 0:15:48 | Examples of incorporating surprise and delight in packaging |
| 0:17:03 | The power of packaging as an unboxing experience |
| 0:19:16 | The impact of packaging on brand loyalty and repeat sales |
| 0:20:33 | The balance between authentic embellishments and unnecessary ones |
| 0:21:22 | Personal experience with Apple packaging and nostalgia |
| 0:22:23 | The significance of Apple boxes as a symbol of packaging power |
| 0:23:29 | Introduction to the Sappy Standard 7 book for packaging inspiration |
| 0:24:31 | Purpose of the Sappy Standard 7 book and its value for creativity |
| 0:25:16 | Importance of touch in packaging design |
| 0:26:24 | Different techniques and ideas for packaging design |
| 0:27:19 | Engagement of the analytical side of the brain |
| 0:28:08 | Providing detailed production notes for converters |
| 0:29:11 | Book is 100% recyclable |
| 0:30:19 | Funny story about someone with the same last name |
| 0:31:13 | Vicki's recommendation to attend her speaking events |
| 0:32:30 | Conclusion and recommendations for other packaging podcasts |

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