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236 - BeatBox Beverage Becomes a B Corp w/ CSO Aimy Steadman

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About The Guest(s): Aimy Stedman is the COO and Chief Get Shit Done Officer at BeatBox Beverages, a ready-to-drink cocktail company based in Austin, Texas. Aimy co-founded the company in 2013 while in business school at the University of Texas at Austin. BeatBox Beverages gained national recognition after appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, and since then, the company has experienced significant growth and is now distributed in every state and over 70,000 stores.

Summary: Aimy Stedman, COO of BeatBox Beverages, joins the podcast to discuss the company's journey to becoming a B Corporation. She explains that being a B Corp means being certified for the company's commitment to social and environmental impact, not just profit. Aimy highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the certification process and how it aligns with BeatBox's values as a next-generation alcohol beverage company. She also discusses the challenges and benefits of collecting data on packaging and carbon impact, as well as the company's partnership with Tetra Pak and its efforts to improve carton recycling in the US. Aimy emphasizes the motivation and positive impact of being a B Corp on both consumers and employees.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Becoming a B Corporation means being certified for a company's commitment to social and environmental impact, not just profit.

  2. BeatBox Beverages scored over 80 on the B Corp certification exam, qualifying the company as a B Corp.

  3. Collecting data on packaging and carbon impact can be challenging but is essential for understanding and reducing environmental impact.

  4. BeatBox Beverages partners with Tetra Pak, a company that prioritizes sustainability and lightweight packaging made from plant-based materials.

  5. The Carton Council and Carton Champions are initiatives aimed at improving carton recycling in the US, and BeatBox Beverages is actively involved in these efforts.

  6. Being a B Corp is motivating for employees and attractive to consumers who care about social and environmental responsibility.


  • "To us, it's kind of all the same. But I could see how that might be not something you would normally think about as an alcohol beverage company." - Aimy Stedman

  • "We hope that one day every consumer product company will be environmentally friendly and it won't be such a differentiation." - Aimy Stedman

  • "We wanted to be a next-generation alcohol beverage company. That means we're not just funny on social media and host good parties, but we also embody those next-generation values." - Aimy Stedman

  • "We care a lot about the carbon aspect of it because it is the very time-sensitive issue that we have with climate change." - Aimy Stedman

  • "For me, it's pretty motivating to, like you said, I don't want to be an entrepreneur that goes to bed every night thinking about all the trash I'm making in the world." - Aimy Stedman

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