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237 - Everything you ever wanted to know about aluminum can printing! Paul Fennessy from Crown

237 - Everything you ever wanted to know about aluminum can printing! Paul Fennessy from Crown


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About The Guest(s):

Paul Fennessy is the Director of Graphics at Crown Cork and Seal, a leading metal packaging company. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, Paul is an expert in can printing and has been involved in various innovations in the field.


In this episode, Adam Peek interviews Paul Fennessy, a can printing expert at Crown Cork and Seal. They discuss the process of can printing, the challenges of printing on metal substrates, and the innovations in can printing over the years. Paul explains the importance of educating customers about the printing process and how to achieve desired colors on cans. He also shares insights into the future of can printing, including the potential for digital printing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Can printing involves printing on metal substrates, which presents challenges in achieving accurate colors.

  • Educating customers about the printing process is crucial to ensure desired results.

  • Innovations in can printing have led to improved resolution and the ability to create photorealistic designs.

  • Digital printing on cans is still in its early stages and has limitations in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness.

  • Can printing is an integral part of the can manufacturing process and requires coordination with other production steps.


  • "We're printing on metal, so right off the bat, we're dealing with the challenges of color." - Paul Fennessy

  • "We can only carry so much film weight on a can to get it through the can manufacturing process." - Paul Fennessy

  • "We've gone from an analog printing plate process to a digital printing plate process, allowing us to get much better resolution and imagery on the can." - Paul Fennessy

  • "There are certain techniques that we use to keep those inks separate." - Paul Fennessy

  • "We have to keep up the speeds and keep up the volumes to supply the marketplace right now." - Paul Fennessy