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238 - Eddy Hagen thinks we need to change how we manage color with printed packaging

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About The Guest(s):

About The Guest(s):

Eddie Hagen is a printing industry expert and color management specialist based in Antwerp, Belgium. With over three decades of experience in the printing industry, Eddie has a deep understanding of color theory and its application in printed packaging. He is known for his provocative and insightful takes on color management and has been a vocal advocate for better standards in the industry.


In this episode of the People of Packaging podcast, host Adam Peek interviews Eddie Hagen, a printing industry provocateur and color management expert. They discuss the importance of color in printed packaging and the need for better standards in color management. Eddie shares his insights on why some press checks and color approvals have become overly complicated and how this can be addressed. He also challenges the notion that brand colors need to be within a tight tolerance and emphasizes the importance of broadening the delta e tolerances. Eddie introduces Project BCG (Better Brand Color Guides), which promotes the use of rock-solid brand color definitions and the creation of custom color specifications. He also highlights the influence of substrates on color perception and the limitations of physical press checks. The episode concludes with a discussion on the advantages of digital printing in color control and the need for standardized color measurements.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80% in certain cases.

  2. There is no proof that brand colors need to be within a tight delta e tolerance.

  3. Broadening delta e tolerances in color management can reduce waste and improve sustainability.

  4. Rock-solid brand color definitions and custom color specifications are essential for accurate color reproduction.

  5. Substrates and lighting conditions can significantly influence color perception.

  6. Digital printing offers a verified feedback loop for color control.


  • "Color increases brand recognition by 80%." - Eddie Hagen

  • "We need to broaden the delta e tolerances because it doesn't make any sense to be this critical." - Eddie Hagen

  • "Measure the color that you picked and use that as your primary color definition." - Eddie Hagen

  • "There is no secret about Coca Cola red. You can easily measure it." - Eddie Hagen

  • "Use ISO standards on colors. Don't be a nerd that wants to be better than the standards." - Eddie Hagen

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