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239 - Regenerative agriculture and the importance of packaging in food systems with Holly Arbuckle

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About The Guest(s):

Holly Arbuckle is the co-founder of Singing Pastures, a regenerative agriculture farm in Maine. She and her husband focus on sustainable and regenerative farming practices to improve soil health and produce high-quality meat products.


Holly Arbuckle, co-founder of Singing Pastures, discusses the importance of regenerative agriculture and its impact on food systems. She explains that regenerative agriculture focuses on improving soil health over time, leading to benefits such as increased water absorption, carbon sequestration, and nutrient-dense food. Holly also emphasizes the role of packaging in the food system and the need for sustainable and compostable options. She shares her experience in finding packaging that preserves the quality of their meat products while also telling their brand story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regenerative agriculture focuses on improving soil health over time, leading to benefits such as increased water absorption and carbon sequestration.

  • Healthy soil with a diverse microbiome is essential for nutrient-dense food and a sustainable food system.

  • Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of food products and should be sustainable and compostable.

  • Singing Pastures uses traditional preservation methods and sustainable packaging to deliver high-quality meat products.

  • Packaging can also be an opportunity to tell a brand's story and educate consumers about sustainable farming practices.


  • "We want healthy people that can live their full lives. We don't want people that are broken down and sick all the time." - Holly Arbuckle

  • "If you have healthy land, you're going to have healthy food." - Holly Arbuckle

  • "Our packaging is an opportunity to tell the story… when something looks and feels beautiful, that's probably a good indication that it's better for you." - Holly Arbuckle

Timestamp Summary [0:00:01] Introduction and discussion about the beauty of Maine [0:02:00] Holly's journey into regenerative agriculture and founding Singing Pastures [0:06:43] Importance of regenerative soil and its benefits [0:09:26] Nutrient density of food and its relation to healthy soil [0:10:35] Impact of healthy food on sustainability and packaging [0:11:55] Need for a regenerative food system and multiple solutions [0:12:03] Discussion on the use of plastics in packaging [0:12:03] Importance of compostable polymers in the food industry 0:12:38 Plastic breakdown and regenerative soil health 0:17:05 Grass and animal relationship in regenerative agriculture 0:19:41 Grassland bird population as an indicator of soil health 0:22:06 Importance of packaging in preserving and delivering high-quality meat 0:23:12 Using traditional preservation methods for healthier meat 0:24:15 Packaging as an opportunity to tell the story of sustainable meat 0:25:05 Animals' role in food production and soil health 0:25:41 Singing Pastures tells the story of better meat and land. 0:26:18 Packaging is an opportunity to share the brand's story. 0:27:02 Singing Pastures offers direct-to-consumer shipping and subscriptions. 0:27:47 Supporting brands that farm sustainably is important for change. 0:28:17 Packaging must deliver on the brand's promise and product. 0:28:48 Holly invites Adam to visit the farm for bacon and lobster.

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