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240 - The Mark Howley/Flex Pack Show!

240 - The Mark Howley/Flex Pack Show!

Mark talks about his career and how he bought and sold a company

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About the Guest(s):

Mark Howley is a seasoned professional in the packaging industry with a talent for transforming ideas into tangible success. Hailing from Philadelphia as one of eight siblings, Mark boasts an illustrious career that has seen him climb the ranks from Inside Sales to eventually owning and running Pacific Bag Inc., which was later acquired by TricorBraun. He is also recognized for his 36 years of sobriety, a personal journey he openly discusses. Currently, Mark continues to contribute to the industry as a consultant for Tricor Braun Flex and hosts his own podcast, 'The Mark Howley Show,' where he explores the diverse career pathways and life experiences of his guests.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode, Mark Howley joins host Adam Peek to shed light on his remarkable journey through the packaging industry. From his humble beginnings in Inside Sales to his entrepreneurial success and leading Pacific Bag, Mark's story is nothing short of inspiring. His unique perspective on the business, combined with personal anecdotes, offers a compelling narrative that aspiring industry professionals and veterans alike will find invaluable.

Diving into the episode, Mark shares his initial steps into the world of packaging and reflects on the pivotal decisions that shaped his career. The conversation transitions into Mark's strategic approaches as he steered Pacific Bag to become a key player in the packaging sector, spotlighting his focus on sustainability and innovative product development. Additionally, he candidly discusses the sale of his company to Tricor Braun and provides a transparent view of the valuation and negotiation processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mark Howley's strategic journey within the packaging industry from entry-level sales to ownership and executive leadership.

  • Insights into the importance of perseverance and adaptation for long-term success in the packaging business.

  • Understanding the valuation and sales process of a packaging company through Mark's experience with Tricor Braun.

  • The significance of stability and consistency in attracting private equity investment within the packaging industry.

  • Reflecting on Mark Howley's commitment to sustainability and the evolving developments in biodegradable packaging solutions.

Notable Quotes:

  • "I moved out to Seattle. I got hired by Pacific bag one year after my leaving Fresco. After the non-compete, I had known the previous owner of Pacific Bag and I said to him, oh, maybe I'll buy you."

  • "We sell freaking bags, okay? That's what we sell."

  • "We would support it with stock bags, you could buy a case of gold, a case of gray, a case of green, and we had, what, three and a half million dollars of inventory sitting out on the floor of bags."

  • "I went out and got an Eagles tat on my arm after they won the Superbowl."


To discover more about Mark’s incredible career journey and advantageous business insights, listen to the full episode. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes that promise to deliver more exhilarating and educational content.

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