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241 - Tag discusses the future of connected packaging and sustainability

241 - Tag discusses the future of connected packaging and sustainability

What a fun time with Emily, Devin, Paul, and Jan!

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About the Guest(s):

On this episode of the People of Packaging Podcast, host Adam Peek is joined by a dynamic quartet from Tag, a global creative, production, and sourcing powerhouse for brands and agencies. Devin Nutter serves as the Director of Strategic Sourcing, pioneering sourcing solutions that make the dream work of product packaging come to fruition. Jan Stollerman leads as the Global Business Director, ensuring impactful content delivery for multiple brand categories across channels. Emily Stolarcyk, the Sustainability Director, guides brands towards successful sustainability practices while navigating regulations like EPR. Paul Lynch, the Head of Experience in Commerce for the UK and Ireland, brings in-depth knowledge of connected packaging and consumer engagement for brands to own their first-party data.

Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of the People of Packaging podcast, host Adam Peek delves deep into the world of packaging with a focus on connected packaging and sustainability, two cornerstone topics that are rapidly reshaping the industry. The conversation uncovers how Tag, through its collaborative experts, caters to the full spectrum of packaging needs, from creation to sustainability compliance, and data-driven consumer engagement strategies.

Tag's integrated approach is dissected, emphasizing how the company provides end-to-end solutions from the initial design to the delivery and monitoring of products and packaging. With a shift towards owning consumer data, brands are leveraging new technologies like QR codes, NFC tags, and RFID tags to create omnichannel experiences. The episode discusses how connected packaging is not only a tool for marketing but also a means for improving economic efficiency and consumer convenience in areas such as product lifecycle and recycling instructions.

Key Takeaways:

Connected packaging is becoming an increasingly important tool for brands to engage consumers, capture first-party data, and comply with sustainability regulations like EPR.

Tag's comprehensive approach integrates creative design, strategic sourcing, and technology-driven solutions to meet and exceed brands' packaging needs globally.

The inclusion of cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes, NFC tags, and RFID tags in packaging is driving a more sustainable and economically efficient future for brands.

Brands are more willing to share sustainability practices and innovations in the pursuit of green goals, indicating a shift toward collective environmental responsibility.

Tag's acquisition by Dentsu and synergy with Dentsu's other companies like Merkel is broadening the horizons for what they can offer in terms of connected and sustainable packaging solutions.

Notable Quotes:

"We're able to pull it together based on what Jan is able to produce, and then we hand it over. Paul and his team can provide some analytics on the marketing success aspect." - Devin Nutter

"The pack sits at the center of everything that a marketer does… now with the connected pack, it could tell you, 'Hey, I'm getting ready to expire.'" - Jan Stollerman

"Brands are responding with the rise of extended producer responsibility schemes, or EPR. It's no longer up to just the consumers of what happens to that package." - Emily Stolarcyk

"We're seeing that our customers are actually looking to use the digital platform to change their campaigns and not necessarily continually reprint the packaging." - Paul Lynch


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Listen to the full episode for a comprehensive view into the innovative and resourceful world of packaging that Tag is navigating. Stay tuned for more insights and episodes that push the boundaries of packaging as we know it.

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