245 - Digitized surfaces and Unboxing eCommerce for Pathosan on Packaging Today Show


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About the Guest(s):

In this episode, there were no specific guests featured, but rather a conversation among Adam Peek, Evelio, and Cory. Adam Peek, bringing experience and knowledge from the packaging industry, is known for his work in packaging and label printing as well as being a host on the "People of Packaging" podcast. Evelio, an expert in upscale packaging and design, brings insights from the luxury packaging sector. Cory, with a background in sustainable packaging solutions, provides expertise on eco-friendly materials and design practices.

Episode Summary:

In this episode titled 'Unboxing Pathosans Packaging Insights,' our hosts Adam Peek, Evelio, and Cory embark on an engaging and educational journey into the intricacies of packaging design, usability, and sustainability. With a lively start discussing President's Day and the ingenuity of LED floors in sports arenas, they transition into a more relevant conversation for their audience: the future of LED technology in packaging, sustainability initiatives, and unboxing a real-life product, Pathosans.

The conversation takes a practical turn as the hosts unbox and review a product by Pathosans, analyzing the packaging's design, materials, and potential for sustainability. With a hands-on approach, they dissect the use of C-flute corrugated boxes, water-activated paper tape, and labeling strategies. The hosts discuss the potential pitfalls and practical enhancements that could be made such as opting for a B-flute for cost-effectiveness, direct printing on the box, and utilizing water-soluble labels for ease of reuse and recycling.

Key Takeaways:

LED technology innovations in sports arenas may have future applications in packaging, enabling dynamic and rapidly changeable presentation.

The Pathosans packaging review highlights the importance of design choices, such as the pros and cons of using C-flute corrugated boxes and water-activated paper tape.

Recommendations for improving packaging sustainability include direct printing on boxes to reduce label waste and considering water-soluble labels for easier glass bottle recycling.

The hosts suggest modifications to the packaging, including the use of B-flute for warehouse space efficiency and unlabeled bottles to streamline the customer experience.

The episode emphasizes continuous innovation and adapting to market feedback in the journey of product packaging development.

Notable Quotes:

"This is a really cool way to do it. Right. Because when you've got your product in here, the product sticks up. It feels a little bit more special versus having a tall front." - Evelio

"The roll end tuck front. But isn't it also an arial laugh? Rollin' on my end. Laughing my face off." - Evelio, discussing different box types with humor.

"You could go to a lighter weight material. I'm guessing the concentrate could handle that in terms of the barrier properties of like a PET." - Adam Peek, on alternative packaging materials.


Mentioned Websites: PathosansDirect.com

References to Packaging Products and Solutions: Water activated paper tape, B-flute and C-flute corrugated boxes, water-soluble labels by Smart Solve.

Host Social Links: Adam Peek’s LinkedIn Profile & Podcast, Evelio's LinkedIn Profile, and Cory’s LinkedIn Profile.

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