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Show notes provided by Deciphr.ai:

Episode Summary:

In the latest installment of "Packaging Today," Evelio Mattos, alongside co-hosts Cory Connor and Adam Peek, embark on a lively discussion covering an array of packaging-related topics central to the industry. Tune in for an engaging blend of professional insights and light-hearted banter as the trio tackle important updates and concerns within the field of packaging.

The episode kicks off with an adventure as host Adam Peek reports live from the TLMI conference in Sea Island, Georgia, offering his insights shortly after delivering a speech. Throughout the conversation, the team delves into pressing industry concerns such as PFAS (forever chemicals) controversy, emerging regulations in cannabis packaging, and the pervasive issue of greenwashing. With a focus on staying abreast of regulation changes and leveraging digital printing for agility, the hosts share a wealth of knowledge bound to resonate with packaging enthusiasts.

Notable Quotes:

"It's like, why would we not be able to say we meaning label printers, but also just in general…we speak about generalities all the time when it comes to stuff like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco." - Adam Peek discussing marijuana packaging regulations.

"You can't know everything, right? And so I would treat sustainability claims the same way I would treat foreign languages…" - Adam Peek on the complexities of greenwashing and labeling claims.

"…at the end of the day, your brand is the one who will get sued. You have to go to court because you sign off on a proof that says that this is okay to put on your product." - Adam Peek explaining the weight of responsibility on brands regarding packaging claims.

"Consumers don't even understand recycling symbols or what FSC certifications is like…all these certifications that we add on packaging, it just adds to the confusion." - Evelio Mattos on the challenges of consumer education in sustainability.

Key Takeaways:

PFAS chemicals are a hot topic, with complex implications for environmental and consumer health, as well as potential legal challenges for packaging companies.

Regulatory changes in Missouri regarding cannabis packaging highlight the variability of state laws and the importance of low-run, digitally printed packaging.

Greenwashing remains a significant issue in the industry, prompting a discussion on how brands can better rely on FTC green guides and professional consultants to avoid legal pitfalls.

The diverse range of sustainability certifications like SFI, FSC, and others can lead to consumer confusion, stressing the need for clear communication.

Audience engagement and contribution are encouraged through live questions and insights shared in the comments, with a teaser from Cory Connor about an upcoming panel speech at SustPack in Chicago.

For those keen on exploring the newest insights and developments within the packaging industry, "Packaging Today" offers a must-listen episode that promises to enlighten and entertain. Be sure to give this episode a full listen and stay tuned for more compelling content from this engaging series.

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