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250 - The Challenge of Pricing Packaging: Simplifying the Quoting Process

250 - The Challenge of Pricing Packaging: Simplifying the Quoting Process

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About the Guest(s):

The conversation included hosts Adam Peek, Evelio Mattos, and Cory Connors, who are established figures in the packaging industry. Adam Peek is notably associated with Myers Printing and often provides insights on sustainable packaging solutions. Evelio Mattos is known for his expertise in packaging design and hosts the podcast 'Packaging Unboxed'. Cory Connors, recognized for his sustainability-focused podcast, brings valuable knowledge on corrugated packaging and industry trends.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode, hosts Adam Peek, Evelio Mattos, and Cory Connors delve into the complexities and challenges involved in the packaging industry, particularly in purchasing and buying decisions. The conversation orbits around the difficulty of quickly obtaining accurate pricing for packaging products and the potential solutions technology may offer.

The dialogue unveils the numerous variables that packaging buyers grapple with and how the industry's slow response in providing pricing affects efficiency. Moreover, the hosts explore how expectations from consumer experiences influence B2B transactions, reinforcing the need for swift and accurate pricing mechanisms. The discussion also sheds light on industry innovations and the personal interactions with notable figures in packaging design and celebrity packaging experiences.

Key Takeaways:

Getting packaging pricing is often a slow and cumbersome process filled with many variables, leading to buyer frustration.

Artificial intelligence and data could potentially streamline the quoting process and improve the efficiency of pricing estimation for packaging.

A rough estimate, akin to a 'Kelly Blue Book' for packaging, would be highly beneficial for buyers and could be achieved with current technology.

The importance of setting accurate expectations with clients, including timeline and potential cost variations, was emphasized.

The episode indicates an interest in future discussions about the impact of legislation like the California Senate Bill 54 on packaging.

Notable Quotes:

"I would like to know [pricing] right now." - Adam Peek on the urgency of obtaining packaging pricing information.

"Unless you're going to change how something is purchased, the price you're currently paying is probably pretty good." - Adam Peek on the relativity of pricing adjustments.

"The pushback will come unless our industry is willing to innovate and adjust to new consumer buying habits." - Adam Peek on the need for industry evolution.

"A lot of the time, I'm explaining to customers the variances… and why these are more expensive or less expensive." - Cory Connors on educating buyers.

"There's a lot of really cool products out there and a lot of really cool engineering that people are doing." - Evelio Mattos on industry innovations.


Myers Printing Website: Unfortunately, the specific URL was not provided in the transcript.

Evelio Mattos' Podcast: 'Packaging Unboxed'

Cory Connors' Podcast: 'Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors'

Artist mentioned for potential packaging discussion: Beyoncé

Please listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into the ever-evolving world of packaging and stay tuned for more episodes filled with expert insights and innovative ideas shaping the industry.

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