252 - Brandi Parker discusses her journey in sustainability and entrepreneurship

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About the Guest(s):

Brandi Parker is the founder and consultant at Parker Brands, an expert in bridging the gap between design and manufacturing with a focus on sustainability within the packaging industry. Brandi's journey began in the '90s when her passion for the environment led her to establish the first environmental club in her high school. With an art degree focused on traditional printmaking, Brandi's expertise aligned well with commercial printmaking processes, propelling her career into packaging design. At Pearl Fisher, she worked her way from a technical production role to the front of the room, handling broader sustainability issues. Brandi has been active with the Die Line awards and serves as a speaker and consultant on sustainable packaging solutions, engaging a variety of clients ranging from agencies to NGOs.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode of the podcast, host Adam Peek engages in a rich conversation with Brandi Parker, highlighting her unique career trajectory in the sustainable packaging sphere. Brandi shares her experiences and the values that shape her approach to sustainability, design, and manufacturing.

This episode offers a deep dive into Brandi's personal story and her professional evolution in sustainability within the packaging world. She narrates her path from starting an environmental club in high school to her latest feats as the founder and consultant at Parker Brands. Moreover, the discussion touches on topics such as leveraging fear and passion for career growth, marketing in the sustainability space, and the importance of clear consumer communication within packaging.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brandi Parker's journey showcases an evolution from her early passion for sustainability to founding Parker Brands with an aim to bridge design and manufacturing.

  • The conversation underscores the complexities of green claims and the responsibility of avoiding greenwashing in the packaging industry.

  • Highlighted is the critical role of technical expertise in translating sustainability initiatives into consumer-friendly language.

  • Parker Brands offers services ranging from sourcing innovative materials and optimizing supply chains to strategizing material and sustainability plans for companies.

  • Brandi's background allows her to consult various stakeholders in the packaging value chain including CPG brands, agencies, suppliers, and NGOs.

Notable Quotes:

  • "Sustainability has been kind of the vehicle for me to go out and do that. You know, talking to people, people do respond well when I talk, which is amazing."

  • "I'm just following the path. I'm just going where it seems interesting."

  • "The core of the can, the aluminum, you're not losing that mass. But the actual material itself, aluminum, is able to be recycled."

  • "It's, it's got its ups and downs. There are times where I'm like, why am I doing this? But it's forced me to try things I've never tried before."

  • "It has rearranged my whole life for the better in terms of my priorities."


  • Brandi Parker's LinkedIn: LinkedIn (The direct URL is not mentioned in the transcript.)

  • Brandi Parker's Company, Parker Brands: Parker Brands eco (URL inferred from context; exact URL is not stated in the transcript.)

As we conclude these show notes, we encourage listeners to tune in to the full episode for a deeper appreciation of the conversation between Adam Peek and Brandi Parker. Get equipped with real-world insights into sustainable packaging and discover what's behind a thriving career at the intersection of design, manufacturing, and environmental stewardship. Be sure not to miss more enlightening content from this podcast series.

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