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255 - Greenwashing 🤮 with Evelio Mattos

255 - Greenwashing 🤮 with Evelio Mattos

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About the Guest(s):

In this episode of "Packaging Today", we are joined by Evelio Mattos and Adam Peek, recognized voices within the packaging industry. Evelio Mattos is noted for his expertise in packaging sustainability and is a prominent figure and spokesperson in the field. Hosting his show "Packaging Unboxed", he brings a wealth of knowledge to discussions around packaging trends and innovations. Adam Peek, the face behind, is similarly well-acclaimed as the "pastor of packaging", guiding people through the complex world of packaging with a focus on the intersection between packaging and faith, also touching on various contemporary issues within the industry.

Episode Summary:

In this informative and engaging episode of "Packaging Today," hosts Evelio Mattos and Adam Peek delve into the nuanced world of sustainable packaging. Their conversation tackles the prevalent myths and truths about sustainability in the packaging industry, the reality of 'greenwashing', and extended producer responsibility (EPR), offering valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts alike. They explore the challenges and obligations brands face in selecting sustainable packaging options amidst a landscape fraught with regulatory pressures and consumer expectations.

Adam and Emilio take the audience on a deep dive into the complexities surrounding sustainable packaging options for water and shoes, presenting a balanced exploration of consumer expectations versus sustainability goals. They examine the widespread assumptions about materials such as aluminum and the role of certifications like FSC in environmental claims, illuminating a path forward for brands that prioritize environmental responsibility while navigating market demands and potential legal pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sustainable packaging decisions should be tailored to brand-specific needs rather than one-size-fits-all material comparisons.

  • Brands are responsible for verifying and substantiating their own sustainability claims to avoid greenwashing accusations.

  • Consumer ease of access to products can significantly influence purchasing decisions, potentially even more than sustainable packaging.

  • Carbon offsets should be part of a broader strategy for reducing a brand's carbon footprint, not the sole approach.

  • Aluminum cans are not literally "infinitely recyclable" due to the presence of plastic liners; cautious messaging is warranted to avoid misleading consumers.

Notable Quotes:

  • "I start with the most, maybe not overlooked, but the least sexy part of sustainability, which is like, how is it going to protect the product and what is it you're trying to accomplish?" - Evelio Mattos

  • "If you want less of something, tax it. If you want more of something, subsidize it." - Adam Peek, quoting Ronald Reagan to explain EPR.

  • "Anytime you start shipping water and you start packaging it into smaller things that are, you know, sort of single use, you're probably already taking a step away from the most sustainable source of water, which is just, I don't know, the well." - Evelio Mattos on the dilemma of sustainably packaging water.

  • "Just wear your shoes like a regular person." - Evelio Mattos, commenting on consumer expectations regarding shoe packaging.

  • "Carbon accounting is a mess that I don't really understand. But I applaud companies…It's our path towards 100% carbon neutral manufacturing." - Evelio Mattos sharing his views on the challenges of carbon offsets.


  • Packaging Today YouTube Channel (if applicable)

  • Adam Peek's Website:

  • Evelio Mattos's Show: Packaging Unboxed (if applicable)

  • FSEA foil and Specialty Embellishment association conference mention for Emilio's speaking engagement (exact URL not provided in the transcript)

Subsequently, I encourage you to listen to the full episode for a richer understanding of sustainable packaging intricacies and revelations. Stay tuned to "Packaging Today" for more enlightening conversations geared toward unlocking the potential of the packaging industry.

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