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256 - What about packaging that disappears?

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About the Guest(s):

Alex Abbott serves as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Smartsolve, a pioneering company specializing in water-soluble packaging solutions. His role encompasses not just steering sales strategies but also shaping organizational growth by aligning all departments under the umbrella of revenue generation. With a career rooted in the packaging industry, Alex has extensive experience on the rigid plastic side, contributing to his comprehensive understanding of the sector's dynamics.

Episode Summary:

In this dynamic episode of "Packaging Today," hosts Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, Cory Connors, and guest Alex Abbott engage in an enlightening dialogue about innovative strides in packaging. Entertaining and informative, the discussion orbits around the potential of eco-friendly alternatives like water-soluble wrappers and addresses common concerns about packaging disposal.

As the packaging industry scouts for more sustainable solutions amidst growing environmental concerns, the conversation delves into Smartsolve's groundbreaking water-soluble paper. Abbott walks through the product's durability against factors like heat and humidity, its fascinating disappearance upon contact with water, and the implications for waste management. The hosts explore the material's various applications, from tampon wrappers to potential uses in food and healthcare packaging.

Key Takeaways:

Smartsolve's water-soluble paper is an FSC certified wood-based material that is drain safe and designed to minimize waste.

The material is resistant to varying temperatures and minor humidity, yet dissolves efficiently when intentionally subjected to water.

Smartsolve's offerings aim to position water-soluble materials as a less-studied and underutilized niche in the packaging industry.

The product presents potential game-changing applications in single-use packaging and could propose solutions for the returnable and reusable segment.

The discussants grapple with the broader implications of vast use of water-soluble materials in terms of circularity and potential plumbing impacts.

Notable Quotes:

"The idea of the title is VP of sales has been around for a long time, which essentially means player coach for all selling activities. And the differentiation with CRO is that, plus you are empowered and encouraged to build the entire organization…" – Alex Abbott on his role at Smartsolve.

"Our material, being water soluble, is a wood based material, FSC certified, and it's drain safe. That's the mind bender…" – Alex Abbott on Smartsolve's dissolvable product.

"We have a lot of market interest in our developing. Now, we also know all the household cleaning and laundry segments are a great fit, too, because their life cycle is around and with water." – Alex Abbott on the potential market for Smartsolve's paper-based material.

"You will never hear me speak against recycling. It's a great part of the equation. What I do say is our industry as a whole needs more and additional solutions than recycling…" – Alex Abbott on sustainability in the packaging industry.

"It goes down the drain and ends up becoming bacteria food for wherever it goes. And that's the circular aspect of it, given that it's a wood based item." – Alex Abbott on circularity in context of Smartsolve's materials.


Smartsolve – company website

DAYE brand tampons – user example mentioned that employs Smartsolve's water-soluble wrapper.

Delve into the full episode for an in-depth view at how Smartsolve is disrupting the industry and exciting prospects for the future of packaging. Stay tuned for more episodes that continue to unwrap the layers of innovation and sustainability in the packaging sector.

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