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257 - Digital can printing with Anna from Corpse Reviver!

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About the Guest(s):

Anna Zesbaugh is the dynamic CEO and co-founder of Better Buzz Brands, which encompasses two innovative brands, namely Hooch Booch - a hard kombucha company - and Corpse Reviver, a non-alcoholic, tea-based "hydration libation". With a background rooted in luxury hospitality, particularly in the corporate events sphere, Anna pivoted during the challenging pandemic period to tap into the beverage industry. Fuelled by curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit, she drew inspiration from the Prohibition era to craft unique beverages that cater to contemporary tastes and health-conscious consumers.

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Episode Summary:

In this invigorating episode of the People of Packaging podcast, host Adam Peek introduces us to Anna Zesbaugh, a Colorado-based entrepreneur trailblazing in the beverage sector with her brand, Corpse Reviver. The episode delves into Anna's fascinating journey from idea inception during the early days of COVID-19 through to product launch and brand establishment, all within the span of nine months. Guided by her visionary approach, Anna leveraged her expertise in the hospitality industry to create something truly unique.

We are taken through a comprehensive overview of Anna's brands, including the inspiration behind Hooch Booch and the concept evolution of Corpse Reviver. The episode zooms in on the labyrinth of challenges and breakthroughs encountered while bringing a non-alcoholic beverage to market, highlighting the innovative rebranding strategy and packaging design that has helped Better Buzz Brands resonate with customers and carve out a niche in a bustling space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Origin: Anna Zesbaugh sparked the idea for her beverage brand during a brief prohibition scare in Denver at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Bridging Brand and Function: Corpse Reviver's rebranding process and the rationale behind diverging from Hooch Booch are detailed, showcasing the intricate relationship between product identity and market positioning.

  • Packaging Design: The episode explores the significance of packaging in conveying brand story and visual appeal, mentioning the collaboration with an illustrator for the can designs.

  • Health Benefits: Corpse Reviver is unveiled as not only a hydration beverage but also one that is functional, containing a blend of minerals and ingredients with noted health benefits.

  • Distribution and Sales: Anna outlines the multi-channel approach to selling Corpse Reviver, from direct online sales to exploring retail opportunities such as grocery stores.

Notable Quotes:

  • "The classic cocktail is really to mask bad flavors of pooch or alcohol." - Anna Zesbaugh

  • "Hooch Booch is a great idea. One year, actually, it was nine months later that we had a product ready to go on shelf." - Anna Zesbaugh

  • "Packaging is incredibly important… especially right now, there's a lot of people copying other people's designs or very plain white, boring packaging." - Anna Zesbaugh

  • "We tried to make the checkout process, like, so easy so that people could just like quick add to cart." - Anna Zesbaugh


To grasp the full depth of Anna Zesbaugh's insights on beverage branding and the evolution of Corpse Reviver, tuning into the full episode is a must. Imbibe the rich experiences and advice she imparts and stay refreshed for more enlightening episodes from the People of Packaging podcast.

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