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259 - It's definitely NOT beer with Not Beer founder Dillon Dandurand

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About the Guest(s):

Dillon Dandurand is the featured guest in this show, bringing his unique entrepreneurial journey into the spotlight. His professional background is rich with experience in consumer packaged goods (CPG), having spent eight years at Brazi Bites, the brand renowned for healthy Italian-Latin American fusion foods. Dillon’s drive for innovation led him to launch "Not Beer," a product that cleverly positions itself as a zero-carb, zero-alcohol, and zero-taste sparkling water, capitalizing on the beverage market with a whimsical twist. He operates out of Dallas, Texas, fostering the growth of Not Beer from his home turf.

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Episode Summary:

In this refreshing installment of "Packaging Today," host Evelio Mattos stirs up an engaging conversation with Dillon Dandurand, the mastermind behind the quirky brand Not Beer. This episode crackles with the entrepreneurship spirit, offering listeners a deep dive into the buzzing world of innovative beverage branding.

Dillon walks us through the conception of Not Beer, a sparkling water dressed in beer's clothing that's been making waves since its inception just over two weeks ago. With a hard-hitting combination of relatability and appeal, Dillon details the challenges and triumphs of bringing a new product into an established market. Discussions meander from sourcing high-volume packaging to the strategic deployment of influencer marketing, all while painting a picture of a brand built on fun, wit, and smart positioning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not Beer is a unique sparkling water that mimics the aesthetic of beer, creating a fun, approachable product.

  • The challenges of launching a new beverage include sourcing packaging like cans and cartons, and managing distribution logistics.

  • Marketing strategies for Not Beer are primarily focused on sampling and building brand awareness through engaging, humorous content.

  • Dillon shares his insights on the importance of geographical focus during initial brand growth before expanding to wider markets.

  • Liquid Death serves as an indirect comparison, objectively discussed as both brands play in the fun water segment but with different appeals.

Notable Quotes:

  • "At what point is this no longer a beer? Like, when do we just remove the beer taste and it's just sparkling water?" – Reflecting the genesis idea behind Not Beer.

  • "And we're positioned like a beer. So our license is humor." – On the brand's marketing angle.

  • "Not Beer isn't for a specific type of person. It's for anyone who likes to have fun…" – Defining the brand's wide target audience.

  • "You've got to find volume quickly…if you want to compete" – On the importance of scale in the beverage industry.

  • "We're playing in the biggest non-alcoholic beverage category ever." – On the potential market for Not Beer.


  • Not Beer website: Enjoy Not Beer

  • Brazi Bites website for reference to Dillon’s past work: Not mentioned in the transcript, but pertinent to his experience.

Join us for this standout episode of "Packaging Today," and let the story of Not Beer invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you're an industry professional or just someone who enjoys a twist of humor in business, this conversation promises to be insightful and inspiring. Tune in, drink up the knowledge, and stay thirsty for more episodes that push the boundaries of creativity and branding.

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