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261 - These frauds have no idea about packaging!!

About the Guest(s):

In this episode, we're joined by Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors—three individuals widely recognized as “alleged” authorities in the packaging industry. Evelio Mattos brings his expertise as a creative force in packaging design, offering innovative solutions and sharing wisdom gained from his vast experience. Adam Peek, often known as an evangelist of packaging, combines his knowledge of supply chain management and sustainability to enlighten listeners on the industry's nuances. Lastly, Cory Connors, who has earned the moniker 'Corygated' for his deep knowledge of corrugated packaging, weighs in with insightful commentary that reflects his years of experience in the field.

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Episode Summary:

In this candid and animate installment of "Packaging Today," Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors tackle the myths and realities of packaging recyclability. Amidst laughs and banter, they dive into the heart of pressing industry matters, particularly something that stirred up quite a discussion on LinkedIn: the claim of 100% recyclability in packaging materials.

The trio dissects the idea of infinite recyclability in the context of materials like liquid death (aluminum) and corrugated packaging. Adam Peek challenges the notion of "infinitely recyclable" as misleading, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in environmental claims. He debates the intricacies of material recovery, and the engagement with Liquid Death's CEO on LinkedIn that sparked heavier dialogue within the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • No packaging material is 100% recyclable, 100% of the time—there will always be some loss during the recycling process.

  • Marketing language around recycling should be used carefully to avoid greenwashing and the spread of misinformation.

  • Consumer education and ease of recycling are crucial for improving recycling rates in America.

  • Social media plays a significant role in packaging marketing—brands should seize moments of positive publicity.

  • Brands need to stay agile and open-minded in their marketing and community engagement strategies.

Notable Quotes:

  • "No, no. Oh, yeah. That's right. You were. You are. That's what that was." - Adam Peek reflects on a humorous past discussion.

  • "There is no packaging material. And this is something that's been, that I discovered. Not one that is 100% recyclable 100% of the time." - Adam Peek emphasizes the reality of recycling limits.

  • "There's a lot of ignorance, basically, in this group." - Evelio Mattos on the misunderstandings in the packaging industry.

  • "So watch out. This is real. This is serious. I know we're joking around, but this is a real deal." - Cory Connors on the seriousness of recycling and proper labeling.


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Experience the full episode of "Packaging Today" with Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors for a deep dive into the current state of recyclable packaging, the need for authenticity in environmental marketing, and the power of swift brand response on social media. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations that uncover the pulse of the packaging industry.

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