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263 - What about reusable packaging? The good and the bad

About the Guest(s):

Note: No specific guest biographies can be derived from this transcript, but the hosts of the show are as follows:

Evelio Montos is a prominent host known for his direct and engaging approach to topics in the packaging industry. Adam Peek brings a vibrant and positive energy to complex discussions, often referencing his knowledge on sustainability in packaging. Cory Connors blends an insightful understanding of packaging trends with an upbeat attitude, aiming to inspire action and improvement within the industry.

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Episode Summary:

Dive into a lively and insightful conversation surrounding the packaging industry with hosts Emelio Montos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors in this captivating episode of "Packaging Today." The trio shares their candid perspectives on the state of packaging, discussing everything from industry disappointments to the pursuit of purpose in work.

The conversation kickstarts with a reflection on the impact of sporting outcomes on mood before effortlessly shifting to a broader discussion on how businesses are grappling with reusable packaging. With a blend of humor and seriousness, the hosts dissect the realities of implementing sustainable packaging solutions while navigating consumer behavior and legislative landscapes. Through the warmth of banter and the depth of expertise, this episode captures the complexity and appeal of the packaging world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reusable Packaging Challenges: The hosts examine the struggles businesses face when integrating reusable packaging models, emphasizing the need for standardization and cost-effective systems.

  • Finding Purpose: They touch on the topic of younger workers seeking purpose in their careers and emphasize finding meaning in work while also exploring passions outside of professional life.

  • Economic Viability: The discussion delves into the economics of packaging, questioning the financial and sustainability benefits of returnable packaging for both brands and consumers.

  • Legislation Impact: They explore how legislation influences packaging decisions, citing an example of tariffs affecting choice in materials.

  • Consumer Engagement: The hosts debate terracycle initiatives and consumer responsibility in waste reduction, showcasing differing opinions on effectiveness and practicality.

Notable Quotes:

  • "Work should be work… You should be able to find purpose." - Adam Peek

  • "You can find purpose… in like, 70 hours outside of work to do incredible stuff." - Adam Peek

  • "Just work, right?… It's only in the US… it's like, oh, it's that old guy mentality." - Emelio Montos

  • "If the LCA impact isn't really there, then it becomes like, is this thing going to be able to scale to a place?" - Adam Peek


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Tune in to the full episode for a dash of humor, a slice of expert analysis, and a hearty conversation about all things packaging. Don't miss out on more enlightening discussions coming up on "Packaging Today"!

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