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265 - Live from Drupa and...are design awards overrated?!?

About the Guest(s):

Evelio Mattos
Evelio is the host of the Packaging Unboxd podcast and a maestro in the field of packaging design. Hailing from Phoenix, Evelio grew up in Dusseldorf and has a long history in the packaging industry, often sharing insights through his YouTube channel and podcasting endeavors.

Adam Peek
Adam is known for his engaging talk shows on the latest in packaging trends. A sales expert, Adam's presence adds a dynamic layer to the discussions, making industry insights accessible and entertaining.

Cory Connors
Cory is renowned for his role as Corygated and as the voice behind the Sustainable Packaging Podcast. With a focus on eco-friendly practices, Cory brings essential insights into sustainable packaging solutions.

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Episode Summary:

Join Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors in this compelling episode of Packaging Today as they delve into the latest happenings from Drupa 2023 in Dusseldorf. Tune in for firsthand accounts from one of the packaging industry's most significant events and get a sense of the vibrant exchange of ideas and technologies that took place.

In addition to discussing Drupa, the trio explores the real value of attending and exhibiting at industry conferences. With a witty exchange and practical insights, they unravel the importance of these events for networking, learning, and achieving a better ROI. Wrapping up, they dive into the world of design awards, balancing the value they bring against the pressures they impose on design agencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evelio provides an in-depth look at his experience attending Drupa 2023, highlighting key exhibits and innovations in print packaging.

  • Adam Peek and Cory Connors weigh in on the pros and cons of attending versus exhibiting at industry conferences and the resultant ROI.

  • The conversation turns to the addictive nature of design awards in the industry and questions whether they truly add value or distract from catering to consumer needs.

  • The role of networking and off-site events in maximizing the benefits of attending industry conferences is emphasized.

  • The team shares practical advice for young designers and seasoned professionals on making the most of industry events.

Notable Quotes:

  1. "It takes three weeks just to get everything set up in the first place. You've got pulping, you've got recycling, you've got molded fibers, the entire chain of machines connected together to do some pretty cool stuff." - Evelio Mattos

  2. "If we were aiming at awards, it could hamper the type of work we're able to do because we might be doing it for designers rather than our clients or their customers." - Simon Foster, cited by Evelio Mattos

  3. "Do I have customers or prospective customers who are going to the show? Are my competitors going to be there? That’s how I would assess the ROI of attending an industry event." - Adam Peek

  4. "I can't tell you how much I’ve learned at recent events. There's so many great ones, and they can add so much value if you approach them the right way." - Cory Connors

  5. "Our goal is to sell as much products as we can, not to single out one tiny little group with a design only creatives would love." - Evelio Mattos


Don't miss out on the full episode for a deep dive into the packaging industry's latest trends and expert insights from Drupa 2024. Stay tuned for more enlightening content from Packaging Today!

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