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266 - Crafting Impactful Logos: Lessons from Chase Design Group

About the Guest(s):

Peter Hawkins is the Creative Director at Chase Design Group's Bristol, UK office. With a rich professional background in creative design, Peter has worked extensively on branding and packaging design for major brands like Nestlé and Procter & Gamble, as well as on more niche, boutique projects. A proud Scotsman residing in Bristol, Peter brings a unique blend of cultural heritage and professional expertise to his role.

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Episode Summary:

In this enlightening episode of the People of Packaging Podcast, host Adam Peek welcomes Peter Hawkins, the Creative Director of Chase Design Group's Bristol office. The conversation covers a wide array of topics ranging from the nuances of logo design and package branding to Peter’s personal passion for sports and unique regional delicacies. As they delve into creative processes, Peter offers valuable insights into creating impactful brand marks, managing design consistency, and working with both large corporations and smaller niche brands.

The episode kicks off with a casual yet informative discussion about Peter's background and his journey to becoming the Creative Director. Moving deeper, Peter articulates the meticulous processes involved in logo design for packaging, sharing an example of his work with the wine brand Black Chalk. The dialogue also navigates through the technical aspects of typography and kerning, underlining the critical importance of detail in making a lasting brand impression. Furthermore, the duo discusses how smaller studios can remain nimble and creative despite the frequently daunting demands of the design world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brand Mark Design: Creating an effective brand mark involves understanding the balance between typography, style, and market impact.

  • Importance of Detail: Even minor font adjustments like kerning can significantly affect the overall perception of a brand.

  • Initial Concept Development: The ideation phase often starts with pen and paper, which helps in refining ideas effortlessly before transitioning to digital platforms.

  • Client Collaboration: Clear communication and iteration with clients are crucial, especially for name generation and brand identity establishment.

  • Adaptability: Operating in a smaller studio setting necessitates a nimble approach to manage both large-scale and niche projects efficiently.

Notable Quotes:

  1. "Some people might think it's unnecessary, but really getting into the detail of things and refining is crucial."

  2. "The form and style of the word mark are quite crucial in packaging in terms of impact."

  3. "We like to be very hands-on, whether that's pen and paper or a more digital approach."

  4. "People equate the quality they see within the design work with the brand and then the product or service that the brand is providing."

  5. "It helps when you're trying to become the lead creative in the studio, being the first one there."


  • Chase Design Group:

  • Email Contact:

  • Black Chalk Wines: An example of Peter Hawkins' work in wine branding.

  • LinkedIn Profile of Peter Hawkins: To be bolstered and updated for direct professional inquiries.

Stay tuned to the People of Packaging Podcast for more insightful discussions with industry leaders and innovators who shape the world of packaging and branding!

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