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269 - The Wizard of Brand Clarity shares insights on brand positioning and packaging

Amazing interview with Kathy Guzman Galloway

About the Guest(s):

Kathy Guzman Galloway is the dynamic CEO of Clarity Wizard, well-versed in the art of brand positioning. With over 20 years of experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, Kathy has honed her skills through significant stints at PepsiCo, PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division, and Boost Mobile. Her consultancy, Clarity Wizard, focuses on helping brands in various stages of their lifecycle—including startups and well-established companies—find their unique voice and positioning in the market. Kathy is recognized for her unique approach to balancing the core principles of brand positioning with innovative packaging strategies.

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Episode Summary:

Join us in this captivating episode of the People of Packaging Podcast where host Adam Peek chats with Kathy Guzman Galloway, CEO of Clarity Wizard, about the transformative power of brand positioning and the pivotal role packaging plays in it. Coming to us from Dallas, Kathy infuses the conversation with her unyielding passion and extensive expertise in CPG, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in branding, marketing, and consumer behavior.

Throughout the episode, Kathy delves deep into the principles of brand positioning and discusses how packaging serves as the ultimate touchpoint for consumers. Learn how Kathy's background in companies like PepsiCo and Boost Mobile has shaped her consulting career, emphasizing the critical importance of differentiating your brand on retail shelves. Expect to gain invaluable insights on creating a compelling brand narrative, understanding your consumer needs, and designing packaging that resonates deeply with your target audience. Keywords: brand positioning, consumer engagement, CPG industry, innovative packaging, brand differentiation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Packaging: Kathy underscores that packaging serves as the final and most critical touchpoint for consumer engagement, determining whether or not a product gets picked up from a retail shelf.

  • Three Core Elements of Brand Positioning: Effective brand positioning hinges on understanding consumer needs, highlighting functional benefits, and expressing a unique brand voice.

  • The Role of Authenticity: Kathy advises brands to lean into their authentic identities—whether related to their cultural background or personal beliefs—to create a genuine connection with consumers.

  • Bridging Digital and Physical Presence: Attention to packaging details not only enhances physical shelf presence but also reinforces the brand in the digital space.

  • Overcoming Market Challenges: Kathy discusses the nuanced decisions brands face in presenting their identities in a way that is both appealing and appropriate to their target audiences.

Notable Quotes:

  1. "The weight and the importance and the value that that package carries is literally, quite literally the most important thing that you can invest your time and energy in to bring everything to fruition."

  2. "Every brand has three parts to the puzzle: the consumer's needs, what makes the product different functionally, and what the brand itself brings to the table."

  3. "It is always better to lean into your voice than to avoid it."

  4. "[Nature's Nate] might have felt a terrible choice of this bright orange… but it really does its job."

  5. "It's more about identifying what do I need to design on this label, on this package… that is going to be the best effort to catch someone's attention and engage them with my brand."


Stay tuned for more enriching conversations on branding, consumer engagement, and innovative marketing strategies from the People of Packaging Podcast. Listen to this episode and gain a deeper understanding of the intricate balance between effective brand positioning and captivating packaging design.

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