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174 - Selling Packaging Holiday Special

174 - Selling Packaging Holiday Special

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How are you currently consuming your time?

As we enter into the holiday season, our time and homes can get filled up with stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

But, in our sales jobs, we do this all the time!

On the LinkedIn Audio room this morning, I reviewed why we need to be focused on how we fill our time buckets in sales. One bucket is “What I’m paid to do” the other bucket is “What pays me to do it”.

Here was my LinkedIn post on the topic and how you might start your journey towards reclaiming your time

1) Pay attention to how you start your day - I try to get my mind right through a morning ritual of coffee, reading (Bible and a book), and prayer with my wife. NO PHONES

2) Use your calendar to create time blocking - identify what are the most important tasks to achieve your desired outcomes (prospecting, creating quotes, etc)

3) Sleep - I typically get 7-8 hours every night. Also leave your devices outside your room and get an alarm clock if you’re able to

4) Get a time accountability partner - My wife and I go for walks almost daily together and talk about our days and she will tell me if I’m around but not present, or if she thinks I should spend focused time with a specific kid, etc. I’d like to get a time partner for work though. Work time audits every month would be so valuable

For those of you have the ability to make more money per hour of time by changing your outputs, I think this idea is the most overlooked aspect of individuals…

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