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201 - Jonathan Cage is Crazy About Packaging

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This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry and proudly sponsored by Specright.com Hosted by the Packaging Pastor, Adam Peek
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About The Guest(s):

Jonathan Cage is the Director of Business Development at ICpG and the co-host of the Crazy About Packaging podcast. With a background in packaging, Jonathan has extensive experience in the industry, particularly in food packaging and rigid materials.


Jonathan Cage, the Director of Business Development at ICpG and co-host of the Crazy About Packaging podcast, joins Adam Peek to discuss his journey in the packaging industry and the challenges of sustainability and material replacement. Jonathan shares his experience working with various types of packaging, including food and medical applications, and highlights the complexity of replacing materials like polystyrene. He also discusses the importance of education and collaboration in navigating extended producer responsibility (EPR) and designing for recyclability. The podcast aims to elevate and educate listeners on the benefits of plastics and address current issues and regulations in the packaging industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Replacing materials in packaging is a complex process that requires consideration of performance properties, application requirements, and regulations.

  • The development of sustainable packaging materials, such as ICpG's XPP material, involves extensive testing and collaboration between packaging producers, resin suppliers, and brand owners.

  • Education and dialogue with brand owners and industry stakeholders are crucial in navigating extended producer responsibility (EPR) and designing for recyclability.

  • Extending the shelf life of food packaging can significantly reduce food waste and contribute to sustainability efforts.


  • "If it was that easy to create a solution, both financially or for sustainability, great, that would be perfect. But it's not. It is extremely challenging." - Jonathan Cage

  • "To replace a material, to come up with a new material, whether it's compostable, biodegradable, comes from Mother Earth, that is complex, that is not an easy solution." - Jonathan Cage

  • "We need to be able to come to common ground where that is all streamlined, simplify, and educate." - Jonathan Cage

  • Timestamp Summary [0:00:02] Introduction of Jonathan Cage and the Crazy About Packaging podcast [0:02:44] Jonathan's background in packaging and his passion for sustainability [0:07:23] Development of XPP material as a replacement for polystyrene [0:10:08] Challenges in replacing materials and the complexity of packaging [0:14:20] Educating CPG companies on sustainability and EPR [0:18:17] Concerns about the rollout of EPR and its impact on consumers [0:23:52] Overview of the Crazy About Packaging podcast and its topics [0:25:50] Advice for sustaining a podcast in the packaging industry [0:26:19] Contact information for Jonathan Cage [0:27:00] Closing remarks and passion for sustainability in packaging