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248 - Packaging designer and influencer manager for Skull Shaver, Justin Vermeesch

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Show notes from

About the Guest(s):

Justin Vermesch is a talented and versatile graphic designer with a passion for packaging and marketing. He holds the position of Creative Manager at Skull Shaver, an innovative company specializing in shaving products for bald individuals and those seeking precision shaving tools. At Skull Shaver, Justin oversees influencer management, social media strategies, and packaging design. With a hands-on approach to creation, Justin adds a personal touch and creative flair, contributing to Skull Shaver's impactful presence in the market.

Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of the People of Packaging podcast, host Adam Peek engages with Justin Vermesch, the creative mind behind Skull Shaver's distinctive packaging and marketing efforts. Peek sheds light on how Skull Shaver's products have revolutionized his personal grooming routine and delves into Vermesch's journey from pursuing graphic design to becoming an integral part of Skull Shaver's rapid growth.

Justin shares insights on how embracing the ground floor at a burgeoning company can offer a wealth of opportunities for creativity and development. He showcases the significance of packaging in setting a product apart in the competitive retail space, highlighting the use of visual elements such as foil stamping to capture consumer attention. The pair discuss the power of omnichannel marketing and the uniqueness of Skull Shaver's approach to branding across various platforms.

Key Takeaways:

Justin Vermesch's transition from working at a car dealership to becoming Skull Shaver's Creative Manager demonstrates the potential for growth within small business environments.

Skull Shaver emphasizes inclusive and collaborative product development and packaging design, drawing insight from cross-functional teams.

The company's packaging strategy includes visual elements like foil stamping to create an eye-catching presence on retail shelves.

Skull Shaver maintains brand integrity across different channels and continually innovates with product offerings and packaging adaptations.

Influencer marketing is leveraged to authentically showcase the product's use and effectiveness, tapping into diverse communities and lifestyles.

Notable Quotes:

"I really saw packaging might be my thing, right? So I was like, okay, let me get my foot in the door at a smaller company… and Skull Shaver was the one."

"We literally love that. I think we did that today, to be honest. Also, just thoughts on news, even if it's just slogans, that kind of stuff."

"We have the new innovation every year, right. We try to create something almost every year that could blow the market away."


Skull Shaver website:

Social Media: Instagram (@skullshaver), TikTok, and YouTube under the Skull Shaver brand name.

Justin mentioned Francisco, who is from the Breaking Bad series or Better Call Saul, and posts content on Skull Shaver's TikTok.

Join us for the full episode to discover how a collaborative, inventive spirit can lead to extraordinary success in the world of packaging and consumer goods. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and innovative ideas with upcoming guests on the People of Packaging podcast.

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