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254 - Packaging Today Show 4/1/24 Analyzing April Fool's Packaging

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About the Guest(s):

Adam Peek and Evelio Mattos are the featured guests on this episode of the podcast. Notable for their insightful contributions within the packaging industry, both bring a practical and sometimes humorous perspective to the topic at hand. Adam Peek, commonly referred to as the "Packaging Pastor," is known for his expertise in the field, as well as his past experience as a pastor. Evelio Mattos, a distinguished designer and industry expert, adds depth with his seasoned background in creative packaging solutions.

Episode Summary:

In this candid episode, hosts Adam Peek and Evelio Mattos tackle the quirky world of April Fool's packaging. The conversation unfolds with organic banter, touching on everything from the surprising use of a porn star in a marketing campaign to personal anecdotes from the packaging industry. The dialogue effortlessly blends light-hearted humor with serious industry insight, sparking curiosity and interest in an often-overlooked marketing niche.

Adam and Evelio address the tension between packaging innovation and consumer reaction, particularly when brands push the envelope with April Fool's products. They debate the possible impact and risks associated with these pranks, from potential offense to legal complications. Plus, they explore the possible benefits, such as increased brand awareness—even delving into the odd phenomenon of actual bizarre products like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's shampoo line.

Key Takeaways:

  • April Fool's packaging can be a hit-or-miss for brands, balancing between attention-grabbing and potentially alienating stakeholders.

  • There's a trend of digital rendering over actual product creation to deliver the April Fool's punchline.

  • Brand reputation and consumer trust are crucial, and April Fool's jokes should be thoughtfully considered to avoid backlash, especially in culturally sensitive areas.

  • Marketing stunts need to walk a fine line to be both believable and humorous without causing confusion or offense.

  • The episode underscores the importance of aligning marketing humor with brand ethos and audience expectations.

Notable Quotes:

  • "You got to tell people when they're being recorded. Everybody, happy April 1 to the world."

  • "The point of this isn't like, 'oh, that's really funny, I'm gonna go buy Tic Tacs'. But it's about, like, putting the brand, like, brand awareness."

  • "People will definitely, when they have to make a choice for like, what am I going to buy? If somebody has personally offended me, I'm not going to support their brand."

  • "I don't know, like, what lands with kids these days. Like, maybe we are the 'get off my lawn' old people."

  • "They all teamed up in the group chat. They all became friends on MySpace and they were like, let's not comment at all because Corey's not there."


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Tune in for the full dialogue to experience the off-the-cuff chemistry between Adam and Evelio, and for a unique spin on April Fool's packaging. You won't want to miss their in-depth discussions on future episodes – there's always something more to unwrap in the fascinating world of packaging.

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