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258 - What magic happens when How2Recycle and Specright meet?!?

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About the Guest(s):

Evelio Mattos is recognized for his expertise in packaging design and environmental initiatives. As the host of "Packaging Today," Evelio facilitates discussions focused on packaging innovation and sustainability. Known for his contributions to the industry, Evelio boasts a career that has seen him at the forefront of design and sustainable practices.

Adam Peek brings personality and industry insight to "Packaging Today." His background in packaging solutions and sales enables him to dissect complex topics with ease, engaging both expert guests and the audience with his compelling dialogue.

Cory Connors is well-regarded as a packaging professional with a deep knowledge of branding strategies and sustainability in packaging. His passion and expertise provide "Packaging Today" with unique perspectives on ecological considerations in contemporary packaging.

Adam Armstrong serves as the Vice President of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships at Specright, a company specializing in specification data management for packaging and products. Adam leverages his industry experience to help companies improve efficiency and sustainability.

Paul Nowak is the Executive Director of Green Blue, a non-profit organization aimed at progressive environmental collaboration in the industry. Under his leadership, Green Blue drives initiatives, such as the How2Recycle program, that underscore the commitment to sustainable packaging practice.

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of "Packaging Today," the conversation dives into the dynamic collaboration between Green Blue's How2Recycle program and Specright's specification management platform. Evelio Mattos, alongside co-hosts Adam Peek and Cory Connors, unpacks the innovative solutions being established to tackle the ever-growing need for sustainable packaging data management and consumer-end recycling instruction.

Adam Armstrong and Paul Nowak discuss the intersection of data specification and environmental labeling to streamline sustainable practices across brands and packaging means. This convergence aims to make recyclability assessments more efficient, promoting higher volumes of How2Recycle labels on products. The collaboration represents a significant step towards a more consistent and accessible approach to packaging sustainability on a global scale, with the ultimate goal being one universally adopted label system.

The conversation reveals a deep commitment to advancing packaging sustainability, with insights into the adoption of intelligent technologies. As brands increasingly seek to meet stringent environmental goals, Armstrong and Nowak's commentary showcases the power of strategic partnerships in enabling companies to manage and communicate sustainability credentials systematically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Specright and Green Blue's How2Recycle are collaborating to simplify and accelerate the process of creating recyclability labels for packaging.

  • The partnership aims to provide a unified source of data for sustainability assessments, reducing the manual workload on brands and converting partners.

  • The use of AI and machine learning in data assessments for recycling labels has the potential to revolutionize the efficiency of the labeling process.

  • The How2Recycle label program has a vision for global harmonization of end-of-life packaging instructions, potentially leading to one comprehensive system.

  • The importance of sustainability in packaging is now a standard discussion for companies, reflecting the industry's unified movement towards environmental responsibility.

Notable Quotes:

"We're closing in on 600 brands using the How2Recycle label. […] It's living, breathing program that's changing with the world." - Paul Nowak

"I've been at Specright for about eight and a half years, and the first few years, this topic came up close to 0% of the time. And now, literally 100% of our conversations include the topic of sustainability." - Adam Armstrong

"87% of our members either have environmental goals or are currently building their environmental goals as we speak." - Paul Nowak


Tune into the full episode to glean comprehensive insights from Adam Armstrong and Paul Nowak on the transformative potential of their partnership. Stay updated with "Packaging Today" for more enlightening content on packaging industry trends and sustainability efforts.About the Sponsors:

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