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EPR Costs and answering compostable packaging questions on the Packaging Today Show with Cory and Evelio

EPR Costs and answering compostable packaging questions on the Packaging Today Show with Cory and Evelio


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About the Guest(s):

This episode features an engaging discussion among packaging industry experts, including Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors. Evelio Mattos is known for his dedication to crafting sustainable packaging solutions and hosts the podcast "Packaging Unboxed." Adam Peek brings his insights as the Senior Vice President at Myers Printing and host of "People of Packaging" podcast. Cory Connors is the voice behind the "Sustainable Packaging Podcast" and is a social media influencer with a focus on corrugated materials.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful conversation, packaging experts Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors dive into the world of packaging with a focus on its future. They examine the growing trend of regulations like EPR and UK Plastics Tax, discussing their implications for both the industry and consumers. Listen to learn about the challenges and opportunities these regulations present, as well as the evolving landscape of sustainable packaging.

The trio kicks off the conversation by touching on their personal experiences with youth sports and coaching. They then shift gears to tackle the pressing issue of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and its growing implementation in various states. They also discuss the pros and cons of compostable packaging, examining its role in a sustainable future and the complexities surrounding its adoption. Throughout the discussion, the experts share their diverse perspectives, providing an in-depth look at the critical sustainability issues facing the packaging industry today.

Key Takeaways:

EPR regulations are expanding, with implications for the packaging industry that include potential cost increases for consumers.

The effectiveness of compostable packaging is debated, with challenges highlighted such as consumer education and facility infrastructure.

The hazards of incorrect disposal methods for compostable and recyclable materials are discussed.

The future of sustainable packaging is seen as a multifaceted approach, not reliant on a single solution.

There is a notable comparison between the rise of sustainable packaging and the adoption of LED lighting, highlighting consumer behavior dynamics.

Notable Quotes:

"We've had packaging waste for a while." - Adam Peek

"These problems [with compostable packaging] are going to exist with composting because the consumer is, number one, consuming and number two, is not educated, barely, on recycling." - Adam Peek

"It's not getting turned over, right?" - Cory Connors, on why compostable materials may not degrade as intended in landfills.

"The cost of EPR bills on these products… it's not a huge number because it's only just a couple of states, but if this thing continues to grow, it's a cost that's going to get passed on to clients." - Evelio Mattos


Specrite: A cloud-based platform for specification data management mentioned early in the podcast.

Myers Printing: A sustainable printing company highlighted by Adam Peek.

Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors: Podcast hosted by Cory Connors.

People of Packaging Podcast: Podcast hosted by Adam Peek.

Packaging Unboxed Podcast: Podcast hosted by Avelio Mattos.

Tune in to the full episode for a deeper dive into the complex intersection of compliance, sustainability, and packaging design. Stay tuned for more discussions that unpack the future of packaging and its role in shaping a more sustainable world.

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