186 - Landfill degradable water bottles?? Kahle Wightman from SerumListen now (28 min) | Check out Serumwater.com to learn more
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185 - The TLMI sustainability awards are named after Calvin Frost!Listen now (28 min) | So honored to get a legend in the industry on!
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184 - LIVE from TLMI with Charlie MacLean - President at ASL Print FXListen now (25 min) | All you cared to know about labels at www.tlmi.com
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183 - Compostable Packaging with Jason Friday from Bar U EatListen now (27 min) | Check them out at www.barueat.com

February 2023

182 - FREE WATER with Founder, Josh CliffordsListen now (28 min) | The viral sensation that uses packaging to generate ad revenue to make water FREE! Learn about the reasons behind this incredible…
181 - Can low migration inks be sustainable and fun? YES! with Mell Bishop and Jim Harris from ACTEGAListen now (28 min) | Learn more at www.actega.com

January 2023

180 - Making Design Fun! With Deon MixonListen now (30 min) | Check out his work and board game at www.deonmixon.com